Anatoly Zubkov
сomposer, producer

Academician of the Academy of Russian Music

Member of Union of Composers of Russian Federation
Member of Russian Filmmakers Union

Personal achievements:
For active creative work was awarded the silver order of the International Academy of Culture and Art "SERVICE TO ARTS"
For the fruitful creative activity of the Union of Writers of Russia was awarded the medal of Anton Chekhov.
For his great contribution to the development of culture he was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation signed by A. Avdeev.
The title of "Honored Worker of Culture of the City of Moscow" was conferred, he was awarded a medal.
Laureate of the TV festival "Song of the Year" for 2001. - "I'll rewrite love," "You're in a hurry too" (Jasmine), "The Song of the Year" for 2002. - "Jigsaw", (Jasmine), "Song of the Year" for 2008 - "Forgive the Boy" (A.Pugachev), for 2009. - "Cilia" (Jasmine) and other song awards.
Chairman of the contest "People's Hit", etc.

Music for films:

"I'm looking for a bride without a dowry," dir. A. Salbiev, 2003.

"Detectives of district scale", dir. K. Belevich, 2005.

"Voices of fish", dir. E. Ginzburg, 2007.

"Trap for the killer" (poln.metr), dir. S. Gasparov, 2009.

"Arkady Hight. The man who laughed, "doc. film, dir.S. Hovenko, 2009.

"Staya", dir. S. Mareev, 8 series, 2009.

"Sentenced for life", dir. V. Mikeladze, 18 series, doc. film, 2010.

"Ray at the Turn", dir. S.Komarov, 2011

"Sakura jam", full meter, dir. Yu.Aug.2011g.

"The wizard was called?", Dir. E. Strizhevskaya, 2011.

"The train does not go any further", a short meter, dir. E.Altynova,

"Typhoon near Moscow", doc. film, dir. V. Mikeladze,

"Lyuba-Love", dir. Yu. Kuzmenko, 4 ser., 2011.

"It is ordered to marry", dir. Yu. Morozov, 2012.

"There would be no happiness," dir. A. Holidays, 2012.

"Method of Freud", dir. M. Weinberg, 12 series, 2012.

"Sign of the true path", dir. V. Lavrov, 4 ser., 2012.

"Defense of Sevastopol", dir. V. Mikeladze, doc. film, 2012.

"Thunder", dir. Y. Kuzmenko, 8 series of 2012

"Mom-detective", dir. M.Weinberg, 12 series 2012y.

"Presentiment", dir. A. Semenova, 2012.

"Dad for hire", dir. V.Rozhnov, 2012

"You can not forget love," dir. V. Lavrov, 2013

"Look for Mom", dir. V. Lavrov, 2013

"Vanka", dir. V. Lavrov, 2013

"The Egghead", dir. T. Alpatov, 16 series, 2013.

"Do not leave me," A. Fraskevich-Laye, 2013.

"Perfumes", dir. I. Roizman, 8 series, 2013.

"Storm" (soundtrack), dir. V. Ibragimov, 16 series, 2013.

"To marry a millionaire 2", dir. N. Khlopetskaya, 12 series, 2013.

"Semichvetik", dir. E. Trusevich, full. meter, 2013y.

"Waiting for the sea", (participation), dir. B. Khudoinazarov, 2013 (Roman Film Festival)

"The Hethers of Major Sokolov", dir. B. Khudoinazarov, 8 series, 2014

"Method of Freud 2", dir. M. Weinberg, 12 series, 2014

"Sasha Dasha Glasha", dir. I. Roizman, 4 series, 2014

"It does not happen like that", dir. N. Khlopetskaya, 8 series, 2014

"Tragedy in Rogers Bay", dir. F. Abryutin, full. meter, 2014g. (film-participant of Russian and European film festivals)

"Citizen Catherine", dir. N. Uglitsky, 4 series, 2015

"The last train", dir. A. Gres, 8 middle, 2015

"Captain. Police. Metro. ", Dir. A. Feoktistov, 2nd grade, 2015

"Claw from Mauritania", dir. N. Khlopetskaya, 4 ser., 2015

"Awakening", dir. K. Tishchenko, cor. meter, 2015.

"Non-judgmental", dir. M. Aliyev, 8 August, 2015

"Pregnancy test", dir. M. Weinberg, 16 series, 2015.

"Closer than it seems" (almanac), poln.metrom, 2015g. (film-participant and winner of many Russian and European film festivals, film-opening and winner of the film festival "Radiant Angel", 2016).

"Leningrad 46", dir. I. Kopylov, 32 series, 2015. (winner in the nomination Best Series of the Year 2015).

"Consolidated Fates", dir. K. Shagalov, 4 ser., 2016

"Stepmother", dir. A. Aravin, 4 ser, 2016

"Perfumes" 2nd season, dir. O. Land, 4 ser., 2016

"The Bride from Moscow", dir. N. Khlopetskaya, 4 ser., 2016g.

"Claw from Mauritania 2", dir. N. Khlopetskaya, 4 ser., 2016

"The Heart of Stone", dir. A. Aravin, 4th grade, 2016

"Pretenders", dir. O. Land, 2 ser., 2016

"Perfumes" 3rd season, dir. O.Land, 4th Ser., 2017

"Debt", dir. R. Kachanov, 2 ser., 2017

"To each his own", dir. O. Land, 2nd Ser., 2017

"How to lime a lover in seven days", dir. V.Ivanovskaya, 4 ser., 2017

"Money does not have money", dir. O. Land, 4 ser., 2017

"The last argument", dir. O. Land, 2nd Ser., 2017

"Crossroads", dir. A. Selivanov, 4 ser., 2017

"Caspian 24", dir. A. Franskevich, 8 ser., 2017

"Through troubles and sorrows", dir. A. Markov, 4th ser., 2017
"The Last Cause", dir. O. Land, 2 ser., 2017
"Hotel of Happy Hearts", dir. V.Ivanovskaya, 4th ser., 2017
“Moscow Prisoner”, director N. Khlopetskaya, 2 middle., 2017
“Love in Japanese”, dir. O. Land, 2 ser., 2017
"Yellow Brick Road", dir. K. Shagalova, 4 episodes, 2018
“All About His Ex”, dir. V. Ivanovskaya, 2 episodes, 2018
“What We Won't Be”, dir. V. Babenko, 2 episodes, 2018
"Forgotten Crime", dir. V. Ivanovskaya, 2 episodes, 2018
“This Dusty Summer”, dir. N. Khlopetskaya, 4 episodes, 2018
"Forty Rose Bushes", dir. O. Strom, 4 episodes, 2018
"Maroussia", dir. V. Yankovsky, 2 episodes, 2018
"Anatomy of a Murder", dir. A. Romanian, 12 episodes, 2018
“Female version. Grandfather’s granddaughter", dir. V. Ivanovskaya, 4 episodes, 2018
“Corrected Believe”, dir. V. Yankovsky, 4 episodes, 2018
"Diver for Pearls", dir. N. Mikryukova, 4 episodes, 2018
“The Baker and the Beauty”, dir. F. Stukov, 17 episodes, 2018
"Fatal SMS", dir. A. Gevorgyan, 2 episodes, 2018
"Deadly Training", dir. N. Mikryukova, 4 episodes, 2018
"The Desert", dir. M. Aliyev, 4 episodes, 2019
"Lady of clubs", dir. F. Korshunov, 2 episodes, 2019
“Female version. Your time is up", dir. V. Ivanovskaya, 2 episodes, 2019
“Female version. Romantic from the USSR", dir. V. Ivanovskaya, 2 episodes, 2019
"Mama's son", dir. V. Babenko, 4 episodes, 2019
“Maroussia. Difficult adults ”, dir. V. Yankovsky, 2 episodes, 2019
"Moscow Romance", dir. V. Nikolaev, 2 episodes, 2019
"Ginger", dir. A. Markov, 4 episodes, 2019
"Smersh", dir. O. Fomin, 12 episodes, 2019
"The Secret of the Last Chapter", dir. A. Romanian, 4 episodes, 2019
"Sorceress's Apprentice", dir. S. Krasnov, 2 episodes, 2019

"Wedding, wedding" (based on the works of Anton Chekhov), libretto by E. Ginzburg, poems by L. Rubalskaya, 2010.
"Anastasia", libretto K. Kavaleryan, 2011
"How the Colloque of Mind-Mind Were Recruited" (for children), libretto by S.Osiashvili, 2005.

Song genre:
Songs for the repertoire of A.Pugacheva, Jasmine, T.Gverdtsiteli, F.Kirkorova, L.Vaykule, N.Baskov, I.Allegrova, D.Gurtskaya, D.Bilana, gr. "Balagan Limited", V.Sutkin, gr. "Love stories", V. Vinokur and many others.
In 2013, the author's album was released, which contains the most interesting and significant songs from more than 300-hundred, created by me over twenty years of the creative path.

Classical works:
A symphony, a quintet for strings, a vocal cycle for verses by A.S. Pushkin, romances on the poems of E. Baratynsky and others.

Professional communications:
I write in collaboration with songwriters: L.Rubalskaya, S.Osiashvili, K.Kavaleryan, S.Sashin, E.Muraviev and other authors.
Personal contacts with the specified performers and producers.


2014 - present time "MARS MEDIA" - composer

2001 - present time music studio of V. Osinsky - composer, sound producer, arranger, producer.

1999 - 2001 Music studio "Soyuz" - composer, sound producer, arranger.

1997 - 1999 Music studio A. Kalyanova - composer, sound producer, arranger.


1987 - 1991 - Rostov Musical School, pop and jazz department, piano class.
1991 - 1996 - Rostov State Conservatory of Rachmaninov, composition class.

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